I graduated from Central St. Martins and am an active graphics designer

and illustration artist. My vibrant style combines bold colours with super flat.

Then I took part in the exhibition called ”graphic passport”

at Center Pompidou in Paris.

I got a prize and exhibited at Barcelona for ”Outsiders Wanted” competition

by Wrangler / DAZED (UK).

Then it has earned commissions from the likes of F1 Honda and Avex.

Nowadays I'm working on many LOGO and UI. 

(for example BTC PAY SERVER and so on)

- ロンドンのセントマーチン美術大学卒業。


- ロンドンのDAZEDマガジンコンペにてWrangler主催のエキシビジョン Outsiders wantedに参加

- イラストやWEBデザイン多岐に渡って活動中。

-  企業のモバイルUIなど手がけている 

-  ロゴも得意です  例) BTC PAY SERVERロゴ制作


2014 mynavi award - got mynavi manga award. I published online cartoon (manga) by amazon

2013 SKINNY LISTER - designed the stage t-shirts fort FUJIROCK festival

2011 Graphic passport portfolio viewing award exhibition (Center Pompidou at Paris)

2010 Graphic passport portfolio viewing award exhibition (Tokyo)3331 chiyoda

2009 MINX renewal design (Tokyo) omotesando

2008 My bloody Valentine -  I designed the stage t-shirt for the FUJIROCK festival

2007 Outsiders wanted Wrangler / Dazed and confused (UK) competition

2006 SPACE BETWEEN The magazine used my works (UK/USA published)

2006 event -BRIT JEWEL Exhibition at super deluxe (JAPAN)

         Sponsored by TOSHIBA EMI and british council

2005 cocoon magazine The magazine used three piece of my works.(London)

2005 Elms Lester painting rooms exhibition Flitcroft Street, London